Welcome Message

"Join Us On The Journey!"

Dear Friends, 

Welcome to our web site! 

Thank you for clicking through and taking the time to read this message. This web site, it’s contents, links and many words are our very deliberate and intentionally transparent attempt to introduce ourselves to you. Simply put - the Old Baptist Union in America was established on July 16, 2011, representing the regeneration of the Old Baptists of America, originally founded in 1680. As one of the newest old denominations in Christendom, the Old Baptist Union in America is An Idea Whose Time Has Come… Again”

As an intentional faith community, we are quite comfortable with and really do embrace the OLD in our name. Our call to action is found in our anchor verse in Jeremiah 6:16, "...Stand in the ways and see, and ask for the old paths, where the good way is, and walk in it; then you will find rest for your souls..." It calls for us to be active participants both in nurturing our faith as well as in sharing it with others. We yearn to rekindle and encourage an interest in studying in and preaching from God’s Holy Word – just as our forefathers in the faith did. In studying them we learned that preaching the Gospel was the foundation and key to the success they enjoyed as a church. Thus, it is our sincere and fervent desire that the Old Baptist Union in America, as a denominational covering for other like-minded Christian servant-leaders, might serve as a beacon to guide seekers and believers alike back to the old paths and back to the basics of His truth found in His Word. 

We invite and welcome you to join us on the journey! 

Peace always,  

Rev. Hugh C. Keith
Presiding Bishop